What Is the OF London GB Charge on Your Bank Statement?

If you notice an OF London GB charge on your bank statement, you may be wondering what it is and why you were charged. OF London GB stands for OnlyFans in London, United Kingdom (GB), which may have caused confusion initially due to the vague transaction description.

OnlyFans is a content subscription platform that charges users a recurring fee to access exclusive content created by creators.

In this article, we will provide more information on what the OF London GB bank charge means, how to find it in your bank statement, and steps to prevent it from appearing again.

What Is the OF London GB Bank Charge?

If you have noticed a bank charge labeled OF London GB on your bank or credit card statement, it implies that you are subscribed to the OnlyFans content subscription platform.

OnlyFans is an online platform that allows creators to monetize social media content, including photos, videos, and live streams sold to subscribers on a monthly basis or, as specified by content creators.

The reason why the bank charge includes London, GB is because OnlyFans headquarters are located in London, 85 Great Portland St, United Kingdom.

The OF London GB bank charge represents the fee for purchasing OnlyFans’ services and is periodically deducted from the payment card or bank account information associated with your account on the platform. The charge amount varies depending on the creator, the location, and the currencies used.

Some factors that may influence the price of the OnlyFans subscription includes the amount of exclusive content the creator provides, the demand for such content, and the difficulty of producing the contents desired.

Keep in mind that OnlyFans policy terms and conditions for charges and online payments may alter from time to time. It is crucial to review such changes periodically to ensure that they comply with your financial needs.

To avoid confusion and unexpected charges, read the full OnlyFans terms and conditions to which you agreed when signing up for the service.

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How Does OF London Charge Look Like?

If you’re subscribed to the OnlyFans platform, you may see the OF London GB charge on your credit card or bank statement. The charge may vary, depending on the subscription plan and transaction currency, but it typically appears as “OF LONDON GB” or “OF LONDON GB, HOLBORN.”

what are of london gb charges on bank statement

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Here is a list of transaction names that may be associated with the OF London GB bank charge:


These transaction names should appear in your bank statement, along with the amount you were charged for the subscription.

However, it is essential to note that transaction names might vary depending on factors like payment providers, currency conversions, local taxes, and creator location.

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How to Handle an Unauthorized OF London Charge

An unauthorized OF London GB charge on your bank statement can be worrying and frustrating. However, taking swift action will help you resolve the issue quickly and prevent further unauthorized transactions.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Contact the OnlyFans Customer Support Team

Immediately after you detect an unauthorized OF London GB transaction, contact the OnlyFans customer support team and report the issue.

Provide proof of the unauthorized charge, including the transaction details and bank statement if need be. OnlyFans should investigate to determine the origin of the transaction and block the unauthorized charge from recurring.

Details like the approximate time of transaction and the amount would help hasten the investigation.

2. Contact Your Bank or Payment Provider

To ensure that the unauthorized OF London GB transaction doesn’t recur, you should contact your bank or payment provider immediately and forward the transaction details to them.

Once the bank or payment provider concludes their probe on the authenticity of the transaction, they would block the transaction and advise on ways to secure your account against future attacks.

3. Alert Your Bank of Possible Fraud

If you suspect that there might have been several unauthorized transactions executed beyond the OF London GB charge, notify your bank or credit card company of a possible fraud/security breach and request an account freeze or a potential change of card.

4. Secure Your Personal Details

Review your OnlyFans account security settings and modify them accordingly. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to help secure your OnlyFans account.

Change your passwords if required, and avoid sharing your login credentials with anyone. Ensure your devices have appropriate antivirus protection and malware protection.

5. Avoid Suspicious Links

Finally, you must avoid opening random links that might be bait to replicate the occurrence. Fraudsters might trick you into clicking a phishing link that can install malware on your device or extract personal data.

Always verify the sender’s details before opening any links.

Understanding Unauthorized OF London GB Bank Charges

If you have noticed the OF London GB charge on your bank statement, that signifies that you are subscribed to the online content platform OnlyFans. It is essential to review your bank statements frequently to identify any unauthorized bank charges.

Consider the points we have mentioned to understand, find, and prevent OF London GB bank charges. Taking these steps will help you avoid unexpected or excessive bank charges, prevent unnecessary expenditures and ensure that all charges against your accounts are legitimate.

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